TOP Career opportunities for an image consultant

TOP Career opportunities for an image consultant

There are various employment options available in image consulting. You might continue to practise in areas related to Appearance, Behaviour, and Communication depending on your area of interest and preferred niche.

You could decide to help your clients improve their communication skills or select their clothes. You have several chances to build your own brand and distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Here is a selection of the top Image Consulting Career Opportunities to keep in mind to give you additional inspiration on the subject:

1. Launch Your Image Consulting Business Online:

In this virtual world, you don’t need a pricey physical setup or lakhs & Crores of investment to start your business online; You can set up an online office if you have good equipment. All it requires is a good table setup, A Laptop (Pantone Verified Display) with a good camera, and Natural Lighting conditions. It is as easy as it sounds. As soon as you complete your program with us, you can start your business online.

Building an informative social media profile on all platforms is a must. This is a quick way to start and establish yourself as an image consultant in the market.

2. Setup setup your own image consulting training Institutes:

You can train an Image consultant once you gain a certain amount of experience and achieve a certain level of certification from AICI. The opportunities are endless. You can turn this out to be an educational institution and train a lot of people and provide them with career paths

The entrepreneurial path is the most challenging but lucrative career path to choose. You might start your own image consulting company and work as a certified image consultant after completing your image consulting course with us.

This implies organising your funds, resources, physical location, and brand identification. To operate a profitable image consulting business, you could work alone or with your competitors.

To succeed, you must take calculated risks, prepare carefully, execute your approach well, and give yourself enough time. We Provide Business Development workshops, tools, blueprints, and other resources. AICI Approved curriculum is offered at Radical Image Consulting, and we assist everyone in launching their image consulting business. We are the first Institute in South India to provide this level of certification at a very competitive price. With initial business support, we will install you as a credible Image Consultant in the market.

3. Internationally Certified Corporate Trainer:

You are a credible with a certification. You will stand out from your competition. Corporate training is the ideal job path for anyone who wants to assist in professional development.

Companies hire corporate trainers to teach staff the soft skills necessary for success in the workplace, which improves performance and efficiency. These abilities include public speaking, presenting, public speaking, business writing, and job-specific functional and technical skills.

You will have great job opportunities because there is a growing need for corporate trainers because all businesses want to stay ahead of the competition.

4. Etiquette or a Behaviour coach:

Not everyone is knowledgeable about manners or knows what is suitable behaviour. An etiquette consultant can help in this situation.

An etiquette coach teaches people how to conduct themselves properly in social or professional settings. Etiquette consultants offer a variety of classes on manners, including lessons on communication, eating, and business etiquette, depending on their clients’ needs.

You will become familiar with all the etiquettes as a certified image consultant during your course, which gives you the opportunity to work as an etiquette coach. Amazing job Opportunities are available in industries like customer service, hospitality, events, public relations, international relations, and protocol, among others.

5. Get Hired as a Personal Shopper:

You can make money hourly basis on this. If you are a shopaholic, I am sure you would enjoy this and even get paid for what you love.

After completing your Image Consulting programme, if you’re interested in curating fashion and looks, being a Personal Shopper is the best option. A personal shopper assists clients in finding the appropriate apparel and accessories based on their needs. In their capacity as clients’ personal stylists, they curate and update their wardrobe by purchasing on their behalf.

Numerous boutiques, department shops, and retail locations for clothing brands also employ personal shoppers to help customers with their individual styling needs. You might also work as a freelance personal shopper, assisting customers with their online clothing and accessory searches.

6. Communication and Body Language Trainer:

Being a body language and communication trainer is a great approach to start a career because communication is one of the major subjects in image consulting education.

You will be able to teach clients and individuals the proper use of nonverbal cues such gestures, facial expressions, body postures, eye movements, voice modulations, as well as acceptable methods to use touch and space, as a body language trainer.

To better prepare their teams, industries like corporate businesses, hotels, aviation, and educational institutions look to engage communication trainers. Consequently, choosing to become a Body Language Trainer is another lucrative job option in Image Consulting.

7. Wardrobe and fashion stylist:

This includes Men and Women Styling. You can create powerful looks with power dressing and make one utilize their wardrobe effectively and saving a ton in shopping.

Fashion styling is another of the highly sought-after professions in the field of image consulting. After completing their Image Management course, people with a strong sense of style and a keen interest in fashion may choose to pursue this job opportunity.

You can consult clients for award shows, music videos, commercials, movies, and official photoshoots as wardrobe stylists as well. To give your clients the finest possible look, you must work with photographers, directors, fashion designers, hair and makeup artists, and more.

Celebrity stylists are fashion experts who work specifically with, curate, and accessorise the looks of celebrities. In addition to obtaining freelance employment, fashion stylists are employed by media organisations, advertising agencies, and fashion brands to help with wardrobe needs in accordance with the pertinent themes.

8. Public relations and personal branding strategist:

For all organisations, branding has become an essential component of marketing. Yet another area where there is a great need for a personal brand strategist or consultant is personal branding. Image consultants and trainers have a unique opportunity to get involved in personal branding because of this.

You get to assist your clients in creating their genuine personal brand in your capacity as a brand strategist. You collaborate with a customer individually or as a group to create credibility and assist them in achieving their marketing objectives.

By enhancing their overall brand, you assist clients in connecting with their target market and gaining the credibility necessary to create new prospects.

There are several employment opportunities in the rapidly expanding and all-encompassing profession of image consulting. Click here to learn more about the booming employment prospects in soft skills training.

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