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Image Consultant Certification - Radical Image Consulting

International Image Consulting & Training Certification Program

A Credible Image Consulting Course in India with International Accreditations – AICI CEU’s. Our Internationally Certified Courses are recognized worldwide which equips you to consult Clients anywhere in the world. Be a part of an International Community of IMAGE PROFFESIONALS Worldwide.

MODULE 1: Image Enhancement

Radical Image consulting is India’s best and most explicit image consulting program, with international accreditation and AICI CEUs. AICI’s certified courses have a universal acceptance and an inclined market for the Image Consulting profession worldwide, giving you the option to practice the work anywhere. It is a brilliant combination of modules that enhances appearance, Behavior, and Communication.

Image enhancement has widely been recognized recently and almost the northern part of India is caught up with this profession. It’s the right moment in south India to place your foot firm in Image Enhancement. The significance of image enhancement has caught up with the Corporate & business world. A Sheer Importance is given to forming a Powerful personality and an Elegant Image display, which is required for a successful career. With the Globalization of trade and Business relationships worldwide, Image Enhancement is Imperative nowadays.

Help your personal and professional clients by enhancing their image. Boost their confidence and overall appearance by utilizing your proven consulting services.

At Radical Image Consulting, we coach you to build a successful Image for various Clients, Be It a Small business owner or a corporate leader, you will be able to help them to enhance their image as per their goals. Bring out the best in your clients by identifying their skills, strengths, and work area with your expertise. Learn how to enhance one’s image, be it personal or professional – You will be able to mark your history in the world of success.

At Radical Image Consulting, we coach you and help you to develop a career in this Industry. NOW make the right choice for yourself. Become a professional Image Consultant with International Certification at Radical Image Consulting.

We train you to work effectively with clients from different industries. The continuous learning and International Collaboration with the Community of Image Consultants keep you at par with the latest trends in the industry.

Modules Covered:

  • Orientation and overview of the program
  • Introduction to the Image Consulting industry
  • Fundamentals of Image Management
  • Creating favourable First Impression
  • Basics of Personality
  • Aspects of Internal Image

If you are a personal has a mentality to help others and knack for colour and fashion, then this is for you. Join us, Become a successful image consultant. Be Financially Independent!!

MODULE 2: Fashion Styling & Image- Women

This module provides a holistic knowledge of wardrobe planning, fashion styling, makeup strategies, levels of powerful dressing, and so on. It primarily deals with the Right dressing sense, Fashion Consulting, and Style for women. Right from minuscule details and from the choice of outfit, we cover a vast Knowledge of fashion that an image consultant should be equipped with. To exhibit a Powerful personality in a social environment, perceptive wardrobe management systems are designed for women and are covered under this module – Fashion Styling and Image for women. This module outlines the great sense of fashion that is a prerequisite for an international image consultant.

Overview of the module

  • Elements of Design
  • Principles of Design
  • Analysing Fashion and style Personalities
  • Identify Psychological elements of client’s perceptions
  • Garment Construction
  • Wardrobe Management
  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Accessories
  • Creating Capsule Wardrobes
  • Accessory styling (scarf tying, use of belts and jewellery)
  • Face Shape analysis


  • Business attire
  • Makeup and Skin Care training
  • Skin type evaluation
  • Practical application of Makeup
  • Knowing Body Types
  • The correct Fit
  • Garment styles and attributes
  • Techniques for Body Shape Analysis
  • Techniques to taking right measurements
  • Correct Clothing as per Body Shape
  • Solutions to common figure challenges

MODULE 3: Colour Analysis

Know your WOW Color.

The best color in the world is the one looks good on you.  Learn and Practice proven techniques in identifying the ideal color for your clients. Colors have a huge impact on your looks. Certain colors radiate on your skin, makes your skin glow, and look a lot younger. On the other hand, certain colors make your skin look dark, unhealthy, and Pale. One must have a good knowledge of the colors that radiates their skin to complement their image. As a Colour consultant, you will be equipped with everything related to color systems. Yes! At Radical Image Consulting, we equip you with the knowledge required to differentiate various types of undertones, Tint, Tone, and Shades. This will enhance your knowledge about differentiation in colors and you will experience a new phase of developing an eye for color.

Overview of the module

  • Theory and inception of Colour Systems
  • Knowing your colours terms
  • Primary/ secondary colours
  • Distinguish skin, Hair and Eye colour properties.
  • Colour Analysis with swatches and flash cards
  • Seasonal Colour Analysis
  • Practical Session for Colour Analysis & draping system
  • How to do Colour Analysis for your Clients

MODULE 4: Fashion Styling & Image- Men

Learn all the secrets of Men’s styling in this module. It provides knowledge into fashion styling for men and how their dressing influences their image. Master Men’s Styling in this Module. You will be learning how to create different looks for men by studying their body types and their skin color. Get to know about a various range of styling applicable for Men’s Apparel & Accessories Combinations. Get acquainted with Must have clothing in Men’s wardrobe. Learn about Men’s dress code and know the secrets of Men’s guide to dress for success. Be ready to recommend what’s best for your client that matches their goals.

Overview of the module

  • Wardrobe Styling for Men
  • Advanced Levels of Clothing for Men
  • Mixing and matching of patterns
  • Colour psychology
  • Men’s colour analysis
  • Suits for Men
  • Body Type for Men

MODULE 5: Etiquette & Protocol

Etiquette is a code of polite behavior in society in short it is an accepted and expected social behavior by society or social group. The protocol is the set of rules and procedures that are followed to communicate in terms of occasions and ceremonial functions. In this Module Learn to train your clients on corporate, dining,  telephone, business, and social etiquette to help them display a powerful personality. Learn various sets of etiquette that one must exhibit to elevate their social status, Confidence level, and their networking skills. Equipping a client with these etiquettes will help them to display a positive image. These skills play a major role in determining their public appearances. Be equipped with the best training guides to apply these skills to your client’s real-life scenarios.

Overview of the module

  • Social Etiquette
  • International Social Etiquette
  • Modern Protocol
  • Dos and Donts
  • Behavior in public
  • Effective Social skills
  • How to be influential and create a long lasting impression

MODULE 6: Communication Training

Effective communication is a combination of Verbal and Non- Verbal aspects. Listening Skills play a major role in communicating what is in our minds to others. We give away a lot of information about ourselves to others without even uttering a word, it paves a way for them to judge us. So let us equip you with a great deal of knowledge on various body language gestures and how the message is decoded by others so that your clients will be conscious of their body language and tonality. An effective communicator wins over people in a lot of ways. You can train your clients in communicating precisely and always maintain their positive image. This topic gives a detailed understanding of various mediums of communication, choice of words, and the role of a listener and receiver.  Clients will become aware of the major aspect of differentiation between reacting and responding. Knowing these techniques will help them to be successful as these are the core elements of this program.

Overview of the module

  • How to be influential and create a long-lasting impression
  • Art of effective Communication
  • Listening skills
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Techniques on improvising body language
  • Body Language at work
  • Understanding various aspects of communication skills
  • Skills of planning and execution of a Corporate Seminar
  • Presentation skills
  • Developing strategic presentations

MODULE 7: Making a Difference With Soft Skills

Exhibiting a great Image is the first step in creating the best first impression. To make a long-lasting first impression there should be progress in learning and displaying the right skills. Yes! Through soft skills. That is why at Radical Image Consulting, we are proud of our offerings. This program is a holistic approach for one to become a powerful personality.

These skills build a great professional image by enhancing their interpersonal and Intrapersonal Skills, Communication, Time & Stress Management, Empathy towards others, and many more. Get ready to train your clients on adding soft skills to their portfolios to transform them to be powerful personalities. These skills make your client more confident to carry themselves and break all their barriers to success. Soft Skills are one of the strongest training we have delivered so far. Get trained from the best. As an image consultant, at first, you will learn all these skills which will help you set the right first impression and win over prospective customers

Overview of the Module

  • Proactive Model
  • Change Management
  • Time Management Time Sheet
  • Team Building
  • Leadership skills
  • Listening Skills ability
  • Become a good leader
  • EQ/ IQ


  • Stress Management
  • Introduction to Groups and Teams, Group Roles
  • Group Life-Cycle
  • Building Group Cohesiveness
  • Effective Team Work
  • Introduction to Conflict Resolution
  • Communication in difficult circumstances
  • Strategies of dealing with Conflict
  • Constructive Criticism

MODULE 8: Business Planning and Establishment

Learn the pros and cons of the image consulting industry and be equipped to handle tough situations. Understand the vast opportunities available and learn how to position yourself in this digital era as a credible International Image Consultant. Get equipped with a step-by-step process to build your successful business. Converse with our International community, participate in the events and catch up latest trends, demands, new techniques and processes in the image Industry. We help you to master the techniques of business planning and achieve milestones as a Great Image consultant.

Overview of the module

  • Techniques on growing your Business
  • Business Interactions
  • Building blocks towards a successful career
  • Effective use of Marketing Tools
  • Social Presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc
  • Branding workbook and presentations
  • Business Consulting

Who can Become an Image Consultant ?

  • Working Men / Women:

Quash the 9 to 5 routine/Boredom and start your own venture that fuels your passion, Interests, and much more.

  • Students who are into Fashion:

This can be your side gig till you complete your education, who knows you may make this a full-time career once you complete your education.

  • Women on Career Break:

It’s ideal for a Woman on Sabbatical, Not only keeps you engaged and follows your passion. You will achieve financial freedom and work anytime you want.

  • Homemakers:

You can start your own business and achieve financial freedom. Enjoy a great work-life balance due to a flexible schedule as you are your own boss.

  • Clothing Business Owners:

This is a killer combination. You will be able to provide your value addition to your customer. You will stand out from your fellow business owners, as You will be able to suggest better clothing options to customers through this certification.

Why Choose Radical Image Consulting for Training?

Rosy believes in “each one of us is UNIQUE”, and requires a selective combination of coaching and training to bring about the version of oneself. This leads to a far reach in customers’ ability to grasp concepts and impacts their life positively. Rosy believes that her success depends on her client’s success. Rosy uses her coaching techniques, Training Skills, and Motivation skills as a value add to her image consulting work. She has the knack for bringing out her client’s needs and focusing more on the area where her client needs improvement. Thus, resulting in a radical boost in her client’s confidence and leading them to success.

  • AICI Certification and Accreditation:

Our Image Consulting Certified Training is internationally recognized and approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) for CEUs

  • On-Demand and In-Person Training Options:

Our classes are 100% Virtual Face to Face. Classes are scheduled at your convenience, This is specially designed for working professionals, Caregiving MOMs.

  • Business Support:

We Provide Complete Business Support to get you started as an entrepreneur. So why wait now? Let us start your journey as an Image Consultant

  • Passionate Coaches:

We are certified Image Consultants, Advanced Soft Skills Trainers, Psychologists, Life coaches, Communication trainers, Certified Career Counsellors, and Certified MASTER-Trainers. We are passionate about what we do. You are in good hands in terms of coaching you to be a credible image consultant.

NOTE : Radical Image Consulting Offers internship for qualified Students. *Conditions Apply

What are the advantages of becoming an image consultant?

There is a need for image management, as it includes image consulting and soft skills training. The profession of grooming, guiding and mentoring people to project a powerful impression that lasts.

After becoming a certified image consultant, you can work on your own terms and with whoever you want. If a 9 to 5 job is not an option, this is perfect for those who are mothers or homemakers or +2 Students and so on..

Benefits include:

  • You can start your office from home online / Offline – No need of a physical office to start with
  • You can Start your own image consulting business and train people. You can create a team of your own.
  • You will have control over your work timings as you are your own boss.
  • You can work as trainer in a image consulting Institute.

What are the career options you have as an image consultant?

Image consultants can work with many different people, relating to any industry. Some of the people they can work with are top management Like CEO, CFO, Industrialists, job seekers, and people looking to move abroad. Some Roles Include:

  • Fashion Stylist for Men & Women
  • Soft Skills Trainer for Corporates and Individuals
  • Etiquette Coach
  • Personal Brand Strategist
  • Digital Presence Strategist
  • Body Language Coach
  • Celebrity Stylists
  • Public Speaking Coaches
  • Personal Shopper
  • And So on..

You can develop you niche based on your interests and Passion.

You can choose fashion, Soft Skills, Etiquette, Public Speaking, Grooming or everything. Its completely based on your NICHE.

Who is the Certification Body?

AICI Certifications with CEUs

Association of Image Consultants International – USA

AICI is the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. Our members counsel both, individual and corporate clients on appearance, behavior, communication and soft skills.

Yes you are right! You will be part of a global Community.

Take Charge of Your Career Now. Talk to us