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Image Consulting Services - Radical Image Consulting

  1. How much attention have we given to our Image perceived by others?
  2. Do you know that it takes less than 7 to 8 seconds for someone to create a first impression about you?

In these few seconds, someone can form a perception about us in terms of

  1. How successful are we?
  2. How confident are we?
  3. Is this person trustworthy?

Hence, Creating the right first strong impression leaves a long-lasting effect on other people’s minds. It helps us to develop customer relationships and sales and gives a positive note at the very first look. The moment we approach a customer, our new manager / Colleague in a new job, or even new friends, our behaviour and attitude will influence the other person.

Hence, creating the best first impression is vital to everyone. But are we making enough efforts to enhance our Image? Here is how can Image Professional can help you!

An Image Consultant works on your “ABCD”

  • Appearance
  • Behaviour
  • Communication
  • Digital Presence

Based on your personal & Professional goals, An Image Professional works in various ways to help you exhibit a Positive Image at all times. We have listed below the ways we work on your image.

Know your Face, Body & Personal Color

Colours that look good on others will not necessarily look great on you because Everyone has a unique skin complexion, undertone and colour season. This means certain colours make our skin vibrant and glowing while particular ones make us look pale and dull. Colour analysis is a technique for determining which colours are most flattering for your complexion, eye colour, and hair colour.

We determine your,

  1. Skin Colour
  2. Eye Colour
  3. Hair Colour

It always will be better if you take the time to understand the colour choices and combination of colours that matches your skin tone. Personal colouring gives clues to use the best-worn colours in clothing and cosmetics. Radical Image Consulting helps you understand the colour pattern, choice of colour, the difference between warm and cool colours, and choosing colours for your personality. You will be getting your very own portable colour swatches to carry around while shopping.

Shopping will be a breeze when you know what colour looks good on you! and of course, you can save a ton of money by not buying clothes that don’t suit you!

Etiquette and Behavior

It doesn’t matter if you work for a large or small organisation or if you’re a manager, A Business Owner or a freshman; there are always expectations regarding workplace behaviour. While most people can easily define unprofessional behaviour, knowing how to behave in a more positive way of looking at it. So what constitutes professional behaviour?
Professional behaviour is a form of workplace etiquette linked primarily to respectful and courteous conduct. Believe it or not, professional behaviour can benefit your career and improve your chances of future success. Many organisations have specific codes of conduct, but some don’t. It comes down to ethics, integrity, dedication, and being conscious of how you treat co-workers.

We have curated socially acceptable modern etiquette and behaviour coaching that can help you with the number of things you can do in your personal and professional life to turn things in your favour. It will make to reach higher in both my personal and professional life.

Men’s Styling

The world has become a global village. We must work with people of different origins, races, and sex. It would be amusing to exhibit your diplomacy and decency when excellently presenting yourself.

This module focuses primarily on men’s clothing and styling. So, if you’re unsure which flair goes with what, this will give you the knowledge to suggest to your male clients or friends to pick the garments that fit their lifestyle and body type.

Radical Image uses an uncomplicated system to understand body shape, Bone Structure and body proportions. As you prefer, we curate your style book that contains the

  1. Outfits that match your body shape
  2. Shoe colour & Belt colour choices
  3. Suit lapel, suit length and Suit style choices
  4. Accessories to carry along with your outfit
  5. And what to avoid so that you don’t form a negative impression

Reach us today to avail the services. It’s time to reinvent yourself!

Be presentable and stay exceptional from the crowd!

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Women’s Styling

Do you want to feel more beautiful, confident, and empowered?

Take your game to the next level by transforming your appearance and style in the shortest amount of time, saving you time, money, and effort while increasing your confidence and making your Style Experience both empowering and fun!

we will help you look FABULOUS and feel more confident as your Personal Branding Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist by teaching you which colours, styles, and shapes work for you and your body. We help your personal brand to reach international level with the right look to impress your clients for a presentation, media/photoshoot, special event, or first date.

We believe every woman differs from each other and has individual style DNA; therefore, every working woman needs a separate, personalized wardrobe to create visual balance. Women’s styling program helps in that case where we will teach about the line, scale, and balance so that the clothes will work on your body before even ever going into a fitting room!

Completely unique looks that work socially and professionally to match your personality and lifestyle. The right clothes for your distinct personal style, aiming for that “wow, you look amazing” look while remaining true to your personality, budget, and lifestyle. Save money by only buying clothes that fit you, rather than clothes that will sit in your closet with price tags that you will never wear.

The Techniques our Image Consultants use to perfect your Image


Colour analysis

Determine your Skin Color / Under Tone | Find out which color glows on you |

Read more

Body shape analysis

Learn the Art of perfecting the hour glass structure | Get your own Style Book |

Read more

Wardrobe restyling

Most of repeat 20% of our dresses. Learn Wardrobe clustering and Save a ton

Read more

Personal Styling

Not every style you copy wont look on you. You will have you own style and trend set it!

Read more

Corporate Styling & communication

Learn to deliver precise message while communicating! Success is Imminent!!

Read more

Training in etiquette and protocol

Behaviour in Business is Money. Exhibit that positive and attractive behavior at all times

Read more

Client Testimonials

Yesterday, I wore a suit first time in my life. I literally felt Goosebumps with tears while I was on stage. 😊😊😊😊

Mrs. Renuga Gowrishankar - Founder WPC | Founder Corment Solutions

Being the Founder of WPC, Owner Of Two Ventures, and marching towards inspiring women, I decided to transform myself with a proper IMAGE MAKEOVER. My destination was Rosy Iyenkutty- An image Consultant (Radical Image Consulting and Soft Skills training Institute). 😍😍😍😍 She is a wonderful person who always supports fellow women.

Rosy guided me on what to do and what not to do. Even if I called her to ask silly questions, Without any hesitation, she answered me with a smile. Most of my fellow women wished for my transformation and waited to see me like this. Thanks, WPCians, for encouraging me to this level. Rosy, you are the special one to me. She wants me to be a Founder, as always. Yesterday, I wore a suit first time in my life. I felt mixed emotions 😨 like Scared, Felt Uncomfortable for some time, etc..., But while entering SIET College, Rosy and Fellow Members Celebrated me with their surprise, love and care. I felt confident as a Leader Of Women Professional Connect . I literally felt Goosebumps with tears while I was on stage. 😊😊😊😊

Thanks To Rosy Iyenkutty. Most of them who joined hands with me will say we become Patience in handling things, ignoring negativity, and controlling our anger. Rosy is a person who changed me to the next level in my life. She is a person who made others become Standard, Professional and Elite full. 😘😘😘😘Love you, Executive Director Of Women Professional Connect ❤️❤️❤️❤️

When she delivered the e-book, it was like, `` oh my God, finally heard my prayers``

Grace Mayudharan - Founder Crafter's Nest Event Planner

I have always wanted to have a personal image management service. I lost all my confidence in delivering what I am good at as I cannot dress up professionally. Being a mom of 2, I wanted to dress up professionally since my business demands that. I always admire Rosy's professional attire. So I reached out to her and took up the image management service. When she delivered the e-book, it was like, `` oh my God, finally heard my prayers``. She took measurements and pictures of me and did the colour and body analysis. She gave me the swatches, which are easy for me to carry and do my shopping—the details about my body shape and where the elements must be. Suggestions for bags and accessories came out like a complete package, which will help me save a lot of time and money. I recommend anyone who spends hours together shopping and comes back without buying anything to take up this image management to know what you can buy. I am completely satisfied to hold that personalized e-book for me. Thank you, Radical image consulting.

She transformed me so that ``I started to admire myself``. Only she can do such wonders for people

Mrs Abitha Begum - Operations, Aqua Zoo Aqua Systems | Ambassador, Women's Professional Connect-Chennai

I was wondering what is meant by image consulting. I wanted to know about it. Finally found a potential source of image consulting, Ms Rosy Iyenkutty, CEO of Radical Image Consulting and a good friend. I told her I wanted to take a class. She transformed me so that ``I started to admire myself``. Only she can do such wonders for people. She taught me the Colors that suit me, the hairstyle, the kind of shoes and slippers I should wear, the handbags I should choose etc. Now I have a clear understanding of myself. And my husband is pleased because he doesn't have to wait for a long time when I go shopping since I have my Color choices in my hand. Thanks to Rosy darling for making me look great and saving me time when I go shopping… 😍😍😍😍

Wow !! I haven’t heard much about it earlier, and I should say this is something that’ll be really helpful for a woman!

Mrs Preethy Vijay - Founder, Momma's Milky Love | President, Women's Professional Connect-Chennai

I took up the Personal Image Consulting services from Rosy Iyenkutty - Radical Image Consulting. Ms Rosy clearly explained my style book with dress, accessories, nail polish, and shoe colour. The Book even has what kind of handbag I can wear. These were determined after thoroughly analysing my skin complexion, body type, etc. The process was straightforward and convenient. They visited my place on time and provided the consultation. Now, this makes me really easy to choose a dress because I know the colour that works for me and the pattern and style I need to choose. I have no confusion, and I am clear about what kind of jewellery matches me or whether this dress will look good on me. Wow !! I haven’t heard much about it earlier, and I should say this is something that’ll be really helpful for a woman! Thanks, much to Rosy Iyenkutty for giving all the insights required. I recommend Radical Image Consulting for your Image makeover and style consultation.


1.Your Very Own Style E-Book - 50-Page PDF

  1. Identification of your skin tone & Color Season
  2. Identification of Bone Structure, Body & Face Type
  3. Dresses & Types to match you ( Indian / Western )
  4. Accessories to match your attire
  5. Hairstyle to match your face shape
  6. Also a comprehensive list of what dress types and accessories to avoid.

2. Get Your Portable Colour Swatch

A Colour swatch to carry along during your shopping so you can pick dresses as per your tone & Season.

3. Style Consultation

A Session with our Internationally Certified Image Consultant to understand your E-Book. 

If you want to come across as professional, smart and chic?

  1. Book Image Consultation with one of our Image consultants for full body, Face & Skin Colour analysis.
  2. Our Internationally Certified Image Consultants, use proven Methods to conduct colour and Body Analysis.
  3. After which, we will recommend the best fits and perfect styles for your body shape that matches your personality.

Call us

You can fill the contact us page form or call us / WhatsApp @ +91 7806955650

We will Guide You STEP by STEP on what to do

  1. We take your appointment and Visit your place.
  2. We take a few snaps of you and your body measurements for colour and shape analysis.
  3. We interview you on your goals, likings, favourites and comfortable attire.
  4. We go back and conduct the analysis.
  5. We will meet you back within the timeframe as promised
  6. We deliver your E-book and swatch.
  7. We Conduct Image Coaching sessions for you for up to 2 hours with your E-book.
  8. You carry your colour swatch for shopping.

Take Charge of Your Career Now. Talk to us