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Counseling - Radical Image Consulting

Relationship Counseling

     Are you struggling in your relationship? Do you feel like you’re constantly fighting with your partner?

    If so, relationship counselling may be a great option for you. Here at Relationship Counselling, we can help you work through your issues and improve your relationship.

    We offer a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your relationship, and our experienced counsellors can provide guidance and advice.

Benefits of relationship counselling include:

– improved communication and conflict resolution skills

– greater understanding of your partner

– increased intimacy and connection

If you’re ready to improve your relationship,  book an appointment online using the Book now button. Our customers are saying great things about us, check out our testimonials or visit

Career Guidance & Psychometric Test

Looking for a career that’s a good fit for you or your Child?

Struggling to choose which career path is best for your children or yourself?


If so, Our career guidance service may be a great option for you.

Career counselling is essentially a psychosocial process, which helps the individual to make suitable career choices. Our professional team will evaluate the candidate’s abilities and skills and then provide guidance on selecting appropriate subjects for education based on their personality traits.

In this Career guidance program, Psychometric tools will be used to analyse their core, Multiple tests used to find the aptitude level, Tests on career interest & Personality will be used and Career Checklist score calculated.

We can help you find the right path based on your unique personality and interests.

Women Empowerment Coaching

Women empowerment Coaching focuses on helping women overcome obstacles, understand their identity, and tap into their true power. Clients will be from all walks of life and need guidance on overcoming a current problem and realizing their talents. A dependent mindset has its own set of obstacles, including those within the family, business, and the community.


Through life coaching conversations, we’ll assist clients in realizing their power to take control of their lives and achieve their dreams. They may also need to update their skills or learn new tools to stay competitive within a business environment. Helping women who have suffered from low self-esteem or confidence issues continually block their goals. They may have adopted a negative mindset from family or friends, and they don’t feel capable of fulfilling their dreams.


We’ll help clients identify their current strengths and understand their short and long-term goals. Women’s empowerment coaching guides them to take control of their lives, bust through obstacles, and live the life of their dreams.

Personal Development Coaching

Personal development coaching focuses on all aspects of personal life. It helps people discover their strengths and reach their personal goals, and also, clients come from all walks of life to get more from the life they lead now. As a certified personal development coach, you will help people make significant life transformations. Some people are dissatisfied with their lives. They worry about money, unsure of how to make ends meet. You can help them discover that their lives can be stress-free and their needs readily answered. Not only can they meet the basics, but their lives can overflow with joy and abundance beyond their wildest dreams. You’ll help clients with their current personal struggles. It could be making them more aware of their gifts and talents while assisting them in gaining clarity. With regular sessions, you will be a partner in their self-growth and success. They will learn the importance of self-love, confidence, and a positive mindset and how these factors affect their lives.

Take Charge of Your Career Now. Talk to us